The Diocese have invited the Parish to join Peterborough Cathedral in a fundraising event for mutual benefit. The event is being run on the same theme as the TV Antiques Roadshow, with ‘antiques’ donated by parishioners for the event.

Home Group

Webb Home Group PicThe Home Group meet on a Wednesday at 42, Chiltern Way, Nortampton.
We are currently studying The Pilgrim Course Ten Commandments, all are welcome to join us at any time.
For more information contact Martin Lloyd on or 07957889518.
The Ten Commandments Sessions

Session One: Priorities : Wed 16th. January
Looks at Jesus’ summary of the law as the foundation for the way a disciple is called to live.

Session Two: Reverence : Wed 30th. January
Explores the vital importance of reverence and worship for God and the danger of making idols of what we love.

Session Three: Rest : Wed 13th. February
This session further explores the theme of reverence in the third commandment and the linked theme of rest and the Sabbath in the rhythm of our lives. 

Session Four: Respect : Wed 20th. February
Focussing on the honour shown within the family and respect for the sanctity of life, this session explores the theme of respect.

Session Five: Righteousness : Wed 24th. April
Looks at the commandments about adultery and theft and their implications for our daily lives.

Session Six: Reliability : Thur 8th. May
What are the dangers of dishonesty and covetousness? This session looks at the damage they may cause.