24 Sunday
Holly Communion
St James Church
27 Wednesday
Holy Communion
St James Church
31 Sunday
Holly Communion
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The Diocese have invited the Parish to join Peterborough Cathedral in a fundraising event for mutual benefit. The event is being run on the same theme as the TV Antiques Roadshow, with ‘antiques’ donated by parishioners for the event.


Getting Married
If you are reading this then it is likely that you are engaged to be married or are thinking about preparing for a wedding. Congratulations! We are delighted for you and hope that we can help you at this joyful time.Wedding

Most couple who are legally able to marry in England are able to do so at either Dallington church or St James church. Often it is straight forward to make the arrangements, and occasionally there are a few extra considerations than can usually be accounted for. The easiest way to arrange a wedding at Dallington or St James is to come to the weekly surgery hour which is held on Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am at St James Church (NN5 5LE). A conversation with one of the clergy will quickly enable us to decide the best way to enable you to get married, You can also contact one of the clergy to discuss your particular situation.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I get married in Dallington church?
A. Usually, yes. There are several different ways of demonstrating a connection to the church from living in the parish to it being the church your grandparents were married and several other options in between. If you do not have an existing connection you can always establish one by coming to church from time to time.

Q. Do I have to be baptised / a church member / a christian to get married in church.
A. No. The best thing to do is to come and talk to us about it.

Q. Can I get married any time I like?
A. You can get married any day during the daytime. However the church might have other events already in the diary for certain times. Contact us to discuss your wedding plans.

Q. Can I get married if I am not a UK citizen?
A. If you are a foreign national then there might be some extra procedures to go through to prepare for your wedding. The clergy will be pleased to discuss your situation and help you find a way to hold your wedding in church.

Q. What does a wedding cost?
A. The basic statutory fees for 2019 are £499 Other fees might be due depending on choices that you make for you wedding.